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The Tan Box was formed in 2014 by Carly Moloney to provide an organic alternative to harmful tanning beds. People who use tanning beds are at much greater risk for developing skin cancer.

In fact, some reports estimate that the risk increases by 75% for people who use a tanning bed before the age of 35.


At The Tan Box we believe people of all ages should avoid indoor tanning beds at all costs. If like us you feel great with tanned skin, choose a Tan Box self-tanning product. The Tan Box offers its own ‘Tan Box’ range of skin care products such as self-tanning mousse, tanning cremes and sun protection accessories (sunglasses and hats).

All our tanning products are are fast-acting and will give your skin a darker appearance in a matter of a few hours. A Tan Box Tan provides you a streak free for tan for about a week.

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